It seems like only yesterday that the concept came into fruition…

Mid-way through 2008, during a cell phone conversation between the company’s founders, the idea of building a communication platform specifically for mobile technology was born. Later that same year, we decided to make use of our savings and dove heart-first and head-first into the leading-edge venture, making good use of a combination of desire and inventiveness.

Below you’ll find some important milestones, highlights and memories that help illustrate the journey of faith and growth in our products.


  • We founded and began developing what is now known as PitchWink in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • We initiated the platform’s development cycle.

  • PitchWink launched its first version of the platform on the Brazilian market. The public reception proved to be an overwhelming success, hence prompting us to continue on the same vein.

  • We inaugurated our United States division.
  • PitchWink became the first Brazilian company to fully comply with every North-American carrier.

  • We developed a proprietary voice call solution with text-to-speech for mobiles and landlines.

  • At this stage we were proud to have contributed to the success of thousands of clients, encompassing a mass variety of industry sectors.
  • We hired innovative and substantially talented personnel to become a part of our growing company.

  • We invested significantly in our infrastructure, including our data centers.
  • PitchWink developed a new solution for transactional and email marketing, adding additional value to an already great resolution.

  • As of January 24th, we officially started operating using our new name: PitchWink.
  • Stay Alert! We have much in store for this year as we continue to expand our offerings.